More of You and Me, Less of "Them"

People always ask how it feels to be married and I reply,"It's the same as when we were boyfriend and girlfriend except now we can't hide or avoid each other's phone calls." And, when it's night time we sleep under the same blanket.

Lately, it's just been the two of us (plus my nursing textbooks). I used to complain to my mom that I missed hanging out with friends. My mom's response was,"Well you can't hang out with friends once they have husbands and/or children to take care of!" Very true. Currently, I don't think I could handle the drama some friendships bring plus juggle my schoolwork at the same time. It has also been increasingly difficult to keep tension out of the classroom when 95% of my classmates are females but I'm learning how to separate my personal life from school (read: don't be too close to anyone or else you'll be susceptible to their drizama hah!).

Socialization with Rosmer is enough for me. It takes a nurse to understand a nurse and trust me, the nursing lifestyle is terribly hectic!


canDIshhh said...

I was asked that same question when I got married in 2009! It was such an adjustment living with another person - you see, when we were boyfriend/girlfriend we saw each other only twice a week! Hahaha... We'll be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary on the 26th! I'm still in DENAIL (that we've been together everyday for 2 years!)

P.S. I super LOVE Dr. Paguio! Hope to bump into you in his clinic!! :)

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