DIY Filipiniana Wedding Favors

My parents purchased crates of wine and shipped them to Manila for our wedding favors. We decided to dress the bottles in Filipiniana using native material. Rosmer sketched the design and created prototypes using regular white bond paper and paper towels. Then, Manang Azaneth (our kasambahay) helped me drape the bottles in sinamay and abaca cloth that I got from Divisoria to experiment. My enthusiastic lola also contributed by sending abaca twine and "wood" buttons from Iloilo. So far, here are the fruits of our labor..

Rosmer drew these. At first, we were going to let the girl bottles wear ternos (butterfly sleeve dresses) but he thought it would be more fitting if we used a panuelo design.

Rosmer made this using paper towels from the kitchen and a purple highlighter.

Manang Azaneth and I made this using tape, left over string, and bond paper.

Finished products.... err almost finished products! The girl bottle still needs some tweeking.


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